2020 – 2021 Meetings & Workshops

A global pandemic cannot stop a guild of committed and talented weavers, spinners and other fiber artists from continuing to learn, share our work, and be with each other. By taking advantage of the Internet, most of our meetings were held virtually. 

Show & Tell: A highlight of each meeting is seeing the beautiful projects of our members. While we are meeting online, members provided photos of their latest creations. During the meeting, each artist describe the piece, process, and shared other interesting information. 

May Meeting

Jennie Hawkey of Hopewell Weaving presented a talk on her travels learning about weaving. That weekend she also held a virtual workshop on Double Weave.

April Meeting

Our Annual Fashion Show was held this year, albeit in a different format than in the past. Working together with the Chesterton Art Gallery, we held an exhibit and sale in April. The fashion show was created as a video which played during the exhibit. (See the YouTube posting to the right). Click here for photos from the exhibit.

March Meeting:
Great Garments from Handwoven Cloth
Featured Presenter: Daryl Lancaster

We were fortunate that Daryl Lancaster presented at our March meeting. Daryl, a handweaver and fiber artist known for her award-winning hand-woven fabric and garments, has been constructing garments for more than half a century. Daryl warned us to “hold on to our seats” because this was a whirlwind tour of creating great garments from handwoven cloth. Starting with what to weave, sett choices, sampling and finishing the cloth, we moved onto making a test garment,and the basic sewing techniques for handwoven fabrics.

Daryl is the former Features Editor for Handwoven Magazine, she has written more than 100 articles and digital content, frequently contributes to various weaving and sewing publications and including Threads Magazine. She now has a YouTube channel where she shares her extensive experience sewing handwoven garments. To learn more about Daryl and see some of her beautiful designs or get links to her YouTube channel or blog, go to http://www.weaversew.com or Daryl Lancaster Home

February 2021
Weavers’ Challenge

In September, those wishing to participate in the annual Weavers’ Challenge received five randomly selected “cards.” The “suit” of the card is an attribute of the project (e.g. draft, color, material). Each card contained a specification for that attribute. Each participant may eliminate one card. The resulting set of cards specifies the challenge. At the February meeting the participants presented their creative and beautiful responses to the challenge. Click here to see the photos from their presentations.

January 2021:
Card Trick: the  Magic of Tablet Weaving
Featured Presenter: Marilyn Romatka

This lecture/demonstration class offers a window onto one of the best-kept secrets of the weaving world – that you can weave with nothing but threads and a deck of cards! Originating in the Iron Age, this technique is enjoying a surge in popularity lately as it is re-discovered by weavers today. We will discuss the theory, the history, and many of the weaving techniques themselves, and view examples sure to awe and inspire.

Our presenter is Marilyn Romatka. Marilyn’s focus is living folk art crafts. She teaches a wide variety, from painting techniques to weaving, the common thread being the techniques are all deep-rooted in a culture from around the world. You might say the techniques she teach have all survived the ‘test of time’. Marilyn recognizes that she has the best job in the world; she travels to various countries gathering folk art techniques, and then returns to the US to teach enthusiastic students!

December, 2020

Thank you to everyone who participated in our December Auction to raise funds for our guild. It was a very successful venture, and we appreciate all of your support.

November, 2020

Strategies and Tips Improve Your Weaving: Our own Rebecca Riley-Vargas of Three Moons Fiberworks shared her tips and techniques for success. Following Rebecca’s presentation members will be invited to share their favorite idea or find for successful weaving.

October, 2020:
Introduction to Tapestry Weaving
Featured Presenter: Robin Goatey, Dancing Goats Studio

The award-winning Robin Goatey presented on small croft farming and his experiences with his small heard of wool sheep. That weekend he had an interesting working on tapestry weaving. Click here for pictures of our members beginning their tapestries.

September, 2020

We launch the new year with members sharing their projects from the summer. Click here for photos.