2021 – 2022 Meetings & Workshops

May 2022
Style Show and Exhibit

On May 1, the guild exhibit at the Chesterton Art Center launched with a style show. Check out the images here.

April 2022
Weavers’ Challenge

In September, those wishing to participate in the annual Weavers’ Challenge received five randomly selected “cards.” The “suit” of the card is an attribute of the project (e.g. draft, color, material). Each card contained a specification for that attribute. Each participant may eliminate one card. The resulting set of cards specifies the challenge. At the April meeting the participants presented their creative and beautiful responses to the challenge.


March 2022
Thrumori Weaving
Featured Presenter: Tammy Deck, TLD Designs

Tammy Deck, an award-winning fiber artist, Tammy Deck, fiber artist, teacher, owner of TLD Designs in Westmont and Berwyn, Illinois, gave an interesting and inspirational presentation on her of “waste” materials or reusing materials in her fiber arts. The workshop continued the theme of sustainability with a Thrumori Weaving workshop.

Thrumori Weaving is Tammy’s term for a free-style weaving technique that creates a textile from those thrums you saved because they are just too beautiful to discard. In this fun workshop you will learn a number of decorative weaving techniques that can be incorporated into other weaving and tapestry projects. Your completed Thrumori can become a runner, wall hanging, quilt piecing, envelope purse, pillow front.

February 2022
Tips & Tricks
Featured Presenters: Margaret Jones & Kathy O’Neal

Duneland Weavers’ Guild’s very own Margaret Jones and Kathy O’Neal demonstrated countless ways to improve our weaving and to make us more efficient. With a combined 70+ years of weaving experience, all of the participants walked away with a number of ideas.

January, 2022
Weaving on a Circular Loom
Featured Presenter: Sherron Pampalone

With an easy to build circular cardboard loom, Sherron taught us how to create a small weaving. We learned a transportable, fun and easy way to weave and share our love of weaving with others. Lisa and Suzy expanded on the workshop by creating a small woven basked and pins.

October, 2021
Bobbin Lace Making
Presenter: Kate Henry

Kate Henry shared some of her wealth of information on bobbin lace making. She also brought numerous examples of vintage and contemporary lace from her extensive collection. See more photos from the meeting by clicking here.

September, 2021

We launch the new year with members sharing their projects from the summer. Click here for photos.