Welcome to the Duneland Weavers' Guild!

Our meetings are open to the public and we love visitors,
including non-weavers and not-yet weavers as well as weavers and other fiber artists.

**Program change: The Guild has added our annual silent auction to our November 10 meeting.**
Look over your stuff for still useful and attractive things you have that you no longer need and bring them to the November meeting.
Please come early to set up your donations and fill out the bid forms that will be in the November Newsletter.
Our program for that day will be "Members Forum": an opportunity to ask very experienced weavers, knitters and spinners any question you have about these crafts.

For more information about the Guild, including the location and time of the meetings, click on the About link (above).
Click on the April Show link (above) to see photos of our 2018 annual show and sale.

September 2018 Meeting
(Thanks for the photos, Ken!)

The program for our September meeting was an extended show and tell in combination with members bringing their favorite textiles to show the group.
  We also had a 50:50 sale of fiber-related things brought and bought by members.  

The photo above shows most of the people who attended our September meeting.  
We welcomed several new people in addition to a good turnout of our current members.

Above are some of the items members brought for the 50:50 sale.
We will have a silent auction (100% for the Guild) later in the year.

Lizz Sharon SharonDetail
Lizz's favorite fiber is the mohair yarn she enjoys weaving with. Sharon brought a beaded scarf she had knit over the summer. Here is a closer look at the intricate pattern of beads at the ends of Sharon's scarf.

Jackie made this trick or treat bag for a Halloween trip to
Disney World with her daughter and grandson.

Tulle TulleDetail
Jackie's favorite textile is this historic tulle embroidery sampler which was made by her great-grandmother in 1861.

Melvenea1 Melvenea2
This Hmong skirt is Melvenea's favorite textile piece.  It is made of handspun indigo-dyed cotton, then decorated with batik, cross stitch and ribbon applique. Melvenea has been experimenting with surface design. Her show and tell piece was a towel she wove and decorated with a gingko leaf stamp.

Jacque2 Jacque1
Jacque brought two favorite textiles:  One was this rep weave table runner in desert colors. This silk scarf is Jacque's other favorite.  Look closely to appreciate how the weave patterns shift on it.

Jane Jane2
Jane's favorite textile was this threadwork sampler.  It could be inspiration for a future workshop.

Mary1 Mary2
The basket above was a project Mary made in a workshop this summer  On the right she is holding a quilt
which is a work-in-progress.  She is making it for a one year-old.

Paula1 Paula2
Paula (on the left in both photos) with the help of Jeane (on the right) showed us both sides of the 8 block pattern
 cotton coverlet she wove last summer.

Melvenea (in the center) led a workshop at Jackie's house on textile surface design.
 In the photo above, Sue (on the left) and Margaret (on the right) showed us the scarves they had decorated
with freehand and stenciled wax batik in the workshop.

Terry1 Terry2
For show and tell Terry brought a red, white, blue and gray batt along with skeins of yarn she had spun with
fleece from Gotland Sheep (in the left side photo).  She also showed us yarn she had spun
 from a red, white, blue and gray batt (on the right).

Chris1 Chris2
Chris's "Fields of Clover" handspun yarn ran out before she was able to complete her project. Marcia suggested that Chris could wear it as a scarf as in the photo above rather than having to tear out a lot of knitting and re-knitting it.  The green doily is Chris's favorite textile.  It was her grandmother's work.

Sherron1 Sherron2
Sherron's show and tell project was a tencel bird's eye twill shawl she wove using a kit from Halcyon. Above is a closer look at the several different weave patterns in the shawl fabric.

Margaret wove this cute sample strip of carrots using rosepath weave pattern.
 She promised us more vegetables (and fruits?) in the future.

Jamie Jamie2
Jamie, the owner of Spinnin' Yarns, brought a rug her husband had woven.  And she brought several colorful towels she had woven, including some using turned taquete weave.

Margaret2 MargaretBlanket
In the photo above, Margaret is holding a photo of two stoles woven by a friend for the friend's brother who is a Deacon.  Paula did some embroidery on the stoles. Margaret won a blue ribbon at the Lake County Fair for this baby blanket she wove.  She can add this year's blue ribbon to her collection of them :-). More show and tell from Margaret: A scarf and fabric she wove using  warps of painted tencel.