DWG April 2019 Fiber Arts Fashion Show & Exhibit 

      On April 7 the Guild presented a fashion show and reception to open its 2019 month-long exhibit and sale at the Chesterton Art Center.  A variety of beautiful and creative handwoven, spun, dyed, knit, crocheted and felted garments, bags, and items for the home were displayed at the Art Center throughout April.  Many of the clothing items were modeled by Guild members and a daughter on April 7.  Some of the rugs and towels in the show were woven by the weavers at Sharing Meadows.  Many of the items in the exhibit/show were available for sale.

This year's President's Challenge for the April Exhibit was to create an item that could function as a cover.  That challenge gave considerable latitude for creativity as you can see in the photo above.


Margaret Jones was again our narrator for the Fashion Show.  She kept the Show moving smoothly with her commentary   In the photo above Margaret is announcing the lucky winner of one of the door prizes which had been made and donated by a Guild member.

Many fans of long standing came to the Show as well as a number of new people who discovered us this year.  Below is a photo of a few members of our audience checking out the handwoven, knit and felted items we exhibited and enjoying refreshments before the Fashion Show started.


Meanhile backstage, our models and others who worked to make the Show a success were getting ready for it to begin.


Here are photos of the clothing that was modeled on April 7 and items that were exhibited throughout April this year.
ShawlBluGold ScarfHat CocoonPnk

CocoonScarf ShawlWhite SHawlBlckPnk


VestPurple ShawlGray CocoonRed

Towels Rugs

HatYarn CocoonScarf ScarfHat


ShawlBrwn ScarfRdWht PonchoPrple

Table1 Table3 Table2

ShawlBlue ShawlRainbow YarnHat


ShawlYellow TopMulti

ShortScarf ShawlGreen

Felt ShawlKnit Dyed


CoatWhitePlus ShawlBlckYellow CocoonWhite


ShawlRed VestMulti

Wall1 Wall2 Wall3


VestMulti VestTweed VestGray

ScarfBeadedShelby ScarfBlue ScarfBeadedPam

Melvenea and Chris were a little giddy after the show ended, celebrating what a great job everyone had done.
Our thanks to our narrrator Margaret Jones;
 our models: Pam Ahearn, Ellen Grenier Bevill, Chris Hadaway, Mione Hadaway, Melvenea Hodges, Shelby Moravec, Marcia O'Sullivan, and Ginni Thomas;
our photographers: Ken Kolberg, Sue Degnan, and Lisa Pavlopoulos.

Our thanks also to Melvenea Hodges and Chris Hadaway who chaired and co-chaired the Show, to Marcia O'Sullivan who chaired the Exhibit,
 and to all the weavers, knitters, spinners and felters who made the wearable art that was modeled and items that were exhibited.

Check our website in 2020 for information about the Guild's April 2020 Fiber Arts Show.