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Come join us: Our meetings are open to the public.  We enourage non-weavers and not-yet weavers as well as weavers to come participate in our programs.

Have a great summer of weaving and other fiber arts!
Guild meetings will resume in September.  Jeane and Paula, our Program Committee, have decided that our annual members' yarn sale will be the program for the September meeting this year.  Bring yarn you would like to sell and come prepared to be tempted by yarn other members bring.

Our 2014 April Show and Sale at the Chesterton Art Center
   To see photos of some of the work that was exhibited and photos of the opening reception, click on "Gallery" at the top of this webpage.

In 2013 we celebrated our 65th Anniversary.  The photo below was taken at our May 2013 Luncheon.


A Member Answers: Why Belong to the Guild?

For me,weaving is a time to relax and be creative.  I come from a family of knitters, weavers and spinners, so maybe the interest is genetic.  When I am in a yarn shop, I love touching different yarns, and as I do, ideas come to mind.  I feel the same way when I am at our weavers' guild meetings except then I see beautiful pieces created by our members, and I feel guilty if I don't weave something myself.  I get my husband involved.  He helps me thread my loom.  It gives him the chance to say, "What are you going to do with all that yarn?"  Our program chairmen make sure we get an interesting person who broadens our horizons and makes us feel it's all possible.  We then socialize, have some sweets, and plan another event....Love it! -- Manda K.

December 2013 Meeting
(Thanks for the photos, Chris!)
Despite the snow that was falling, nineteen members made it to the meeting with their silent auction items and potluck food.

Auction Potluck
Here is just one of the tables of donated items people bid on.  We raised a total of over $400 at this meeting. After the auction most of us stayed to enjoy the potluck food and each other's company before packing up and going out into the snow.

December Show and Tell

Sharon Sue
Sharon (on the left) and Sue (on the right) showed us their completed samplers from the November Moorman technique workshop.
Jeane Tonya
Jeane wove a Swedish pickup band using 10/2 cotton. Tonya was wearing a scarf knit with a ruffled edge.

Phyllis Shelby
Phyllis had knit her scarf using yarn that was threaded with sequins. Shelby wove this scarf with Zephyr yarn in an undulating twill of her own design


Shelby's barn cat, knit for a friend.

November 2013 Meeting
(Thanks for the photos, Sue!)

Heather Lyn Winslow presented our November program and a 3-day workshop on the "Theo Moorman Inlay Technique Adapted to Clothing".

Heather ScarfDetail
The scarf Heather is wearing here is one of her beautiful Theo Moorman technique pieces. Here is a closeup of the scarf, showing its complex and lovely inlay pattern.

November Show and Tell

Margaret Marilyn
Margaret wove these scarves while participating in a First Friday and an outreach at Pine School. Marilyn knit a diagonal squares baby blanket in cotton/acrylic yarn.

Sigrid Roberta
Sigrid showed us a scarf she had woven. Roberta knit two more lap robes, her 13th and 14th for veterans this year.


Ginni knit her shawl using huge needles, then added beads as embellishment.

Shelby Phyllis
Shelby wove a silk scarf to complement her new coat. Phyllis wore a chevron/ripple lace pattern scarf she had knit of sock yarn.

Six Guild members participated in the Theo Moorman workshop.  Here are some examples of the weaving they did:

KathyO Sue
Above are experiments with different inlay threads and with the tapestry-like effect by Kathy O. (on the left) and Sue (on the right).

MargaretCherries LisaV
Margaret created a bowl of cherries when experimenting with the Moorman tapestry-like effect.  Note that the lavender around the bowl is all inlaid too. Lisa wove an inlaid "V" using a cartoon that was underneath her warp.  Weaving such straight diagonals takes a lot of attention to detail.

Sharon KathyM
Here are examples of color blending in overlapping transparent squares woven by Sharon (on the left), Kathy M. (on the right), and Lisa (below).


October 2013 Meeting
(Thanks for the photos, Chris and Marianne!

BettySlide BettyShelby

Betty Burian Kirk presented a very interesting program on finishing techniques and brought a large collection of samples she had made to illustrate the techniques listed on her Powerpoint slides.  In the photo on the right, Betty is discussing one of the techniques with Shelby.

October Show and Tell

Chris Pam
Chris showed off a new colorway in her line of purses. Pam experimented with overshot weave and made a sampler.

Betty Roberta
Betty was wearing another of her elegant handwoven jackets.
Roberta is continuing to knit afghans to donate for veterans.


Shelby showed us a diversified plain weave chenille scarf she had woven, inspired by an article in Handwoven.

Jeane Paula
Using an inkle loom, Jeane wove a pebble weave strap with a pattern of tiny figures. Paula showed us a 24-shaft weave scarf that was destined for Interwoven Expressions.

Sue Phyllis
Knitters, Sue on the left and Phyllis on the right, showed off a baby sweater and Zyberball scarf, respectively.

September 2013 Meeting
(Thanks for the photos, Chris!)

Kathy, our Program Chair, gave us a preview of our 2013-14 programs and discussed how to warp yarns of different diameters on the same beam, information useful for the November workshop on the Moorman technique.

September Show and Tell
jo ann bobbie
Jo Ann showed us a weaving sample she had bought on Okinawa during a visit there. Bobbie knit a lacy "pie-wedge" shawl using a single skein of yarn.

margaret pam
Margaret wove a series of soft and airy cotton shawls. Pam asked for ideas for how to finish her long scarf of "mystery" yarn.

Manda made a wall hanging of flowers using felting techniques.

paula1 paula2
Paula wove an elegant tencel scarf using 24 shafts. She also showed us roving she had dyed as a preview of the April program she will do on dyeing.

Sherron wove a ripsmata liturgical stole for her church and showed us samples of the weave.

shelby ginni
Shelby showed us many pieces she had woven over the summer, including this wool-silk undulating twill shawl. Ginni started with fleece and spun the yarn she then knit into this very soft shawl.
Phyllis knit the vest she is wearing here as well as the scarf of painted yarn she brought to show us.

May 2014 Meeting
(Thanks for the photos, Chris!)
Sara Nordling, a former Guild member, came to our May luncheon meeting.
She described for us her journey as a weaver and showed us many examples of her work.


Here are some of the Guild members who came to the Waterbird
 and enjoyed an elegant lunch.

SaraLunch SaraSlides
     After lunch, Sara showed us many slides of the work she wove over a career of ~20 years.  Some dated from when she was a Guild member; most were much more recent pieces.

After we viewed Sara's slides, we had an opportunity to  admire some pieces of her work and ask questions about the techniques she used to weave it.

May Show and Tell

Manda Phyllis
Manda brought chocolates to share with us in celebration of her 50th wedding anniversary. Phyllis knit this acrylic shawl, shown here draped on the deck railing at the Waterbird.

LizTowel LizQuilt
Liz showed us another one of the towels
 she has been weaving for her children.
Here is Liz's quilt, which she made for a grandchild.

Margaret wove and wore this "V" shaped shawl.

Margaret also showed us this scarf she wove with Theo Moorman details.

Paula wore a fair isle sweater she had knit after working out the pattern for it.

This is a rayon scarf Paula wove and brought to the lunch to show us.

April 2014 Meeting
(Thanks for the photos, Chris!)
Paula Williams presented our April meeting program. She described and demonstrated how she dyes yarn and roving and then weaves it into beautiful textiles.

Paula brought her dyepot and a variety of yarns and roving which she had dyed.
 Note the plastic sheet on the table.

PaulaPaint KathyRoving
After she put on gloves, Paula painted a warp for us. Kathy showed us how Paula plaits roving she
has painted before she spins it into yarn.

PaulaStripes PaulaTwill
 Here are two of the lovely pieces which Paula wove using her space-dyed yarns.

April Show and Tell

Sue KathyO
Sue knit two shawls: The white one she is holding and one knit of variegated yarn which is folded on the table. Kathy O. wove this shawl using yarn (formerly bright yellow) that Suzanne had over-dyed.

Sharon showed us one of the bracelets which she had made using a bead weaving technique,

Liz Bobbie
Liz has been weaving straps for bags
and a guitar with her inkle loom.
Bobbie wove this baby blanket in a bird's eye twill.

March 2014 Meeting
(Thanks for the photos, Chris!)
Our March program was on inkle looms and inkle-like looms. Kathy, Liz, Bobbie, Jeane and Shelby showed us many very attractive and very different styles of bands they had woven on such looms.
KathyInkle LizInkle
Kathy told us about the history of band weaving, and she showed us a variety of different inkle-type looms and bands woven in  different cultures. Liz demonstrated how to warp and weave on her inkle loom.  She also brought several bands woven by her daughter to show us.

BobbieInkle JeaneInkle
Bobbie told us about different ways to use inkle bands,
 and she brought several references on inkle weaving.
Jeane showed us bands she had woven with pick-up patterns in 10/2 and 20/2 (!) cotton.  Her patterns came from a variety of different cultures.

March Show and Tell

Shelby Lizz
Shelby brought the rep weave table runner she wove for an April show in Michigan City that she was invited to participate in. Lizz gave us a preview of her President's Challenge project for our own April Show.  She crocheted her fun fur scarf in colors inspired by a magazine cover photo.

Joyz Roberta
Joyce also showed us her President's Challenge project. Her's is a work-in-progress, based on the cover of her novel that is being published this month. Roberta brought another lap robe that she has knit to donate for veterans.  This is the 15th or 16th one she has made.

Larry brought his finished coverlet project for which he wove extra blocks so he could make a 4 x 4 block coverlet.  Kathy helped him hold it up for us to admire.

Pam Tonya
Pam showed us the baby quilt she made for her 15th grandbaby.  Each of the other 14 received a quilt she had made also. Tonya knit a hat and matching mittens as well as a lace shawl (and the scarf she is wearing).

Margaret Liz
Margaret wove green chenille scarves and also brought dish towels that were woven at Sharing Meadows. Liz has been weaving towels to give to members of her family.  In the photo she is holding one of six she has recently woven.

February 2014 Meeting
(Thanks for the photos, Chris, Lisa and Jacque!)
Our February program was presented by members of the Guild's coverlet group.  It was interesting to see the different and very attractive ways they incorporated their overshot squares into useful items.  

Chris showed us her squares, which she and the other group members had woven in her color in a variety of very handsome overshot patterns.

Kathy made a lap robe/bed topper using six of her squares combined with a pin-striped denim colored fabric. She plans to make another similar lap robe/bed topper with her other six squares.  Liz helped her hold this one up so we could appreciate how the sashing and backing complemented the squares..

Liz used all twelve of her squares to make a double-sided/reversible quilt with an added lace border.  Chris helped her hold it up so we could admire the overshot square patterns on both sides.

Margaret used five of her squares to make this piece that will be used across the foot of her daughter's bed.  She made the other squares into double-sided throw pillows.  Mary helped Margaret show us her piece.

February Show and Tell

Roberta Shelby
Roberta knit a baby sweater to donate to a charity. Shelby wove this silk/wool and cotton deflected doubleweave scarf.  It's her husband's now.

Joyce's blanket was collected by her aunt over fifty years ago.  We speculated on its country of origin.

Margaret Roz
Margaret plans to make a tote bag with this piece of rag weaving she wove using warp left over from her challenge project. Roz wove three small pieces using different techniques from our Heather Winslow Theo Moorman workshop.

Jacque Interior closeup
Jacque wove many yards of two fabrics to coordinate with new furniture. Here is how the two fabrics worked together as a window treatment. This is a closeup of the fabrics: red 10/2 cotton twill and natural 5/2 cotton huck lace.

Tonya Phyllis
Tonya has been knitting a hue shift afghan using sport weight yarn. Phyllis was knitting a shawl with variegated yarn.

Jane Detail
Jane brought her great grandmother's Victorian Era crazy quilt to show us.  It was made by friends using elegant fabrics and very finely detailed embroidery.  On the right is a detail showing an embroidered couple on a teeter-totter.

Chris showed us new bags she wove using an orange warp.  The buttons on Chris's bags are handmade locally.
Mary completed a woven throw kit her mother had started.

January 2014 Meeting
(Thanks for the photos, Chris!)
There were 26 members at our January meeting where we had a second, smaller, silent auction followed by the Weavers' Challenge program.  


This year's challenge was to come up with creative ways to display weaving.

Sue SueTheo
Sue photographed Mt. Ranier and then used the photo as inspiration for a Theo Moorman weaving. Here is a closer view of Sue's photo and her framed weaving which was inspired by it..


Margaret started her rag weaving project with a balloon-printed fabric.  Her final work used the flowered fabric shown here on the right with her final framed rag weaving.

Kathy KathyRag
Kathy also showed us a rag weaving project. She made hers using a transfered photo of a birch woods. She framed the weaving in a shadow box.  As with Sue's project, there is a bit of  reflection on the glass in the photo.

Lisa LisaScarf
Lisa used a cabinet door to display the cotton fleck scarf she had woven. Here is a closer view of the scarf, displayed in a different way using the door handle for accent..

January Show and Tell

Jeane Tonya
Jeane wove two table runners in the Bethlem Star overshot pattern. Tonya showed us a Wingspan scarf she had knit.

Liz finished this quilt which her aunt had designed and worked on.

Pam SueShow
Pam crocheted a baby blanket. Sue modeled the sweater she had knit.

Kathy showed us her Theo Moorman sample from the November workshop and described how she might frame a small part of it.

MargaretShow Roz
Margaret wove two baby wraps on commission.  She adapted the Theo Moorman technique to put a heart where the baby will sit. Roz wove several samples and then a 16/2 bamboo scarf in the Crackle Diamond pattern.

The September, October, November and December meeting photos are on the left side of the webpage.