DWG 2014 Fiber Arts Show Photo Gallery

      On April 6 the Guild had a champagne reception to open its 2014 month-long exhibit and sale at the Chesterton Art Center.  A variety of beautiful and creative handwoven, spun, knit, crocheted and felted garments, bags, yarns and items for the home were displayed at the Art Center throughout April.  Towels woven by the weavers at Sharing Meadows were also included in the show, and almost all of the items in the show were available for sale.

Before we opened the doors for the public, the photos below were taken to record the variety of work on display.
(Thanks for the photos, Ken, Lisa and Sue!)

WallSWKen WallWCenterKen WallNWLisa


WallNEKen WallESKen

ItemNargaretGraceKen ItemNecklacesKen ItemPonchoGraceKen ItemPurseSue

ItemShawlJeaneKen ItemShawlMargaretKen ItemShawlKen

ItemPursesSue ItemTowelsKen ItemScarfRP ItemTartanKen

At the opening reception, our guests admired, tried on, and bought items.  Guild members were there to answer questions.

Shoppers3Ken ShopperPam ShoppersLisa

Our President challenged us to weave a work inspired by an image.  Below are the images and works inspired by them which were created by Guild members who responded to the challenge.


PresLizz PresKen PresManda

PresLiz PresRPInfoRP PresShelby


Check our website in 2015 for information about the Guild's April 2015 Fiber Arts Show.  [Sorry, it's not in the Archive.]