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Come join us: Our meetings are open to the public. We encourage not-yet weavers and non-weavers as well as weavers to come participate in our programs.


Our next Guild meeting will be on September 14.  Have a great summer and do lots of weaving and other fiber arts!

Photos from our April 2013 Style Show and Exhibit
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 On October 6, weavers and spinners from the Guild braved the chilly weather and took wheels, drop spindles and a table loom to the Chesterton European Market where they encouraged the public to try our crafts.  Here are photos showing Kevin with a drop spindle and Phyllis and Ken at spinning wheels encouraging the kids (and grownups) to try spinning themselves.
KevinSpinning PhyllisSpinning

 To see photos of the Guild's April 2012 Style Show, go to our "Gallery" page or click here.

Why I Value the Guild

When I knew I would be moving to NW Indiana, I did some research about weaving in the area. When I saw there was a Weaver's Guild that met in Chesterton, IN, I was sure fate was smiling on me! What were the chances? I had to check it out! I came to my first meeting in December of 2007 and joined immediately! The group was so welcoming and really talented! I knew right away that being associated with this group would help me improve as a weaver and as a person! It was love at first sight and has been going strong ever since! Thank you, Duneland Weaver's Guild. Chris Acton

The Guild's 60th Anniversary was in 2008.

(Thanks for the photo, Larry and Lisa!) 


Guild members, wearing our DWG aprons, celebrate our 60th anniversary in March, 2008.

Here are examples of overshot coverlet panels that were made a few years ago.  Check back next year to see the coverlets our 2012 coverlet group creates.
(Thanks for the photos, Ken!)



December 2012 Meeting
(Thanks for the photos, Chris!)


The main event at our December meeting was our silent auction to raise funds for next year's programs.  Thanks to Guild members generously donating and bidding, we raised $1104.25!


Kathy gave us a review of the rules for the auction before we started bidding.

After the auction many members, including Jennifer, stayed for our holiday potluck lunch. Liz made the cute little Christmas stockings to hold forks, knives and spoons.

December Show and Tell

Kevin Suzanne
Kevin is spinning fibers including silk to make yarn for a sweater. Suzanne is knitting a "Gap-tastic" cowl using a bulky natural wool.

Bobbie Liz
Bobbie wove a "show" towel in a lace pattern.  She also wove the elegant newsletter samples for December. Liz made a very detailed safari quilt with a large selection of different animals.

Shelby Sherron
Shelby knit this scarf using intarsia and short-row techniques. Sherron showed us two scarves she wove with slightly different weft treatments.

Margaret Lizz
Margaret wove two versions of her overshot pattern with different numbers of threads in the weft blocks. Lizz showed us an acrylic shawl she wove before sending it off to be sold in a shop.

November 2012 Meeting
(Thanks for the photos, Chris!)
Jacque YarnSale
Three laptops came to the meeting when Jacque presented a program on weaving software assisted by Kathy and Sue (below). Here is as small sample of the yarn that members brought to our annual November yarn sale.  There was no net reduction of stashes ;-).

Kathy Sue
After Jacque's program, Kathy (on the left) and Sue (on the right) encouraged members to try out different weaving programs on their laptops.

November Show and Tell

Chris ShelbySweater
Chris showed us some of the small purses made with her handwoven fabric. Shelby modeled the knit-in-one-piece sweater she had knit.

Margaret Natalie
Margaret brought back her (formerly giant) socks -- now a pair of felted boots. Natalie wove rugs for a friend.

Shelby Roberta
Shelby wove barley-corn weave towels with different weft colors. Roberta knit a baby blanket in a pattern with cables.

Sigrid Sigrid2
Sigrid wove three wool scarves.  One of them is going to be sent to Germany.

Sharon Suzanne
Sharon attended a workshop and experimented with felting. Suzanne experimented with dyeing yarn with a new type of dye.

Sue knit yet another cute baby sweater.

October 2012 Meeting
(Thanks for the photos, Chris!)

Sandy Edstrom held our attention with a very interesting program on "upcycling" (re-tailoring and embellishing clothing).

Auction LizInkle
The meeting included a Dutch auction to benefit the Guild. And Chris and Liz reported on our recent European Market weaving and spinning outreach.

Lots of October Show and Tell

Lizz Sigrid
Lizz showed us her woven scarf with knotted ends. Sigrid knit a ruffled scarf of sock yarn.

Margaret, Jeane and Michaelle modeled three of Paula's chenille wraps.

Paula1 Margaret
Paula showed us many pieces, including this towel/table mat. Margaret with a very large sock (pre-felting)

Jeane finished her Halloween wall hanging just in time.


Margaret helped Jeane display her overshot fabric.

Liz Joyce
Liz with the heirloom quilt she made for her granddaughter Joyce knit an alpaca vest for her granddaughter.

Michaelle showed us a bunting Roberta knit.

Bobbie Sue1
Bobbi modeled one of her knit cowls. Sue wove a scarf.

Sue2 Roberta
Sue also knit another cute baby sweater. Roberta and her current lap robe for veterans (one of a series).

September 2012 Meeting

(Thanks for the photos, Chris!)


Elizabeth Pilley presented an inspiring  program on goal setting.

Here is a Summer's-Worth of Show and Tell

Bobbi JeaneManda
Bobbi with her woven scarf Jeane modeling Manda's chenille wrap

Kathy MaryLou
Kathy knit a clapotis shawl. New member Mary Lou in her saori woven top

Joyce Pam
Joyce with her bargello quilt Pam made a bag with her woven fabric.

Manda Roberta
Manda wove fabric and made a jacket. Roberta knit this shawl (and many other things as well).

Margaret Sharon
Margaret with one of her weaving prize-winners Sharon with a velvet scarf she decorated at a summer workshop

Paula Shelby
Paula with two of her rugs Shelby with her hanging/runner

Phyllis Sue
Phyllis holding Frank's woven shawl Sue knit a (very cute) baby sweater.

May 2013 Luncheon
(Thanks for the photos, Chris!)

Here are the members that came to our May luncheon at which Marion Marzolf presented a very interesting program on how weaving in this country developed.

Marion Marzolf and her husband, King

Lizz, our Hospitality Chair, welcomed us and provided information about the buffet.

Our out-going President Jeane presented prizes for her President's Challenge to Shelby and Roz, and Chris won the drawing for this year's warp raffle.

April 2013 Meeting and Workshop
(Thanks for the photos, Chris and Sue!)

Linda Adamson presented our program and workshop on lace weaves.

Linda Paula
Linda owns Tabby Tree Weaving Shop as well as doing programs and workshops for guilds like ours. Paula, one of the workshop participants, hard at work

BobbieSuzanneLisa Kevin
Bobbie, Suzanne, Lisa and Kevin weaving on looms used in the "round robin" workshop

MargaretWorkshop PurpleSample
Margaret weaving on the Louet One of the lace weaves-- off the loom

ChrisWorkshop SampleTable
Chris weaving one of the lace patterns Several of the lace weaves before they were cut into samples

JeanneWorkshop SueWorkshop
Jeanne and Sue also participated in the workshop.


Here are everyone's Leno samples before they were cut apart.

April Show and Tell

JoAnn Manda
Jo Ann showed us a jacket she had trimmed with felt, inspired by our felted trivet program and workshop. Manda demonstrated her technique for making felted balls.

Margaret Larry
Margaret attended an Anita Mayer Gathering and made a book with animal gut pages. Larry wove five more overshot squares for his quilt.

Sue knit a ruffle scarf and showed us a remnant of the fabric she wove for May newsletter samples.

March 2013 Meeting
(Thanks for the photos, Chris!)

Jackie Brennan presented a program and workshop on tassels for the Guild
 at our March meeting.

Jackie told us about the many potential uses for tassels and showed us a selection of the very handsome tassels she had made.

Our March meeting was held at the Chesterton Art Center.  During April, these bare walls will be covered with our annual show and sale :-).

After the morning program, Jackie led a tassel-making workshop.  Shown here are (from the left) Kevin, Margaret, Jackie, Elouise and Sue.

kevinT sueT
Kevin and Sue show off the tassels they made in the workshop.

March Show and Tell

margaret bobbie
Margaret showed us a cotton chenille blanket woven by the Sharing Meadow weavers. Bobbie had knit three scarves, including this white one.

marianne tina
Marianne wove this shadow weave scarf on her rigid heddle loom. New member, Tina, showed us the wool scarf she had woven.

Roberta knit a very colorful lap robe to donate for veterans.

jeane natalie
Jeane wove a cotton table runner in the "sun, moon and stars" pattern she had used for her overshot coverlet squares. Natalie showed us a baby blanket she had woven.

manda roz
Manda modeled the alpaca felted cloche hat she made and embellished with her trademark little felted balls. Roz showed us a color and weave point twill sample she wove with cottolin. 

sigrid sue
Sigrid wove two scarves with wool and plain weave.  One of them is going to Germany. Sue showed us the fluffy scarf she is knitting.

suzanne suzanneS
Suzanne dyed this "mystery" mohair with Country Classics dye. Suzanne again, this time modeling the seven i-cord scarf Kathy knit based on a pattern on Ravelry.

February 2013 Meeting
(Thanks for the photos, Chris!)

At the February meeting, Megan Falkner presented a program on making felted braided trivets.  Members were able to make their own trivets using pre-braided and felted wool roving.

Megan MeganSue
Here Megan is showing how to sew the felted braid to form the circular trivet. Megan advising Sue while Sue sews her trivet

 February Show and Tell

Coverlets Roberta
The coverlet group brought their overshot squares to exchange with each other.  Here are several Guild members admiring the group's work. Roberta knit another (!) laprobe for veterans -- this one in spring colors.

Kevin Pam
Kevin showed us a pair of cozy striped socks she had knit. Pam is holding a baby blanket work-in-progress.

Bobbie JoAnn
Bobbie knit a seaman's scarf in merino wool with a lace pattern. JoAnn wove a patchwork rug from the Thick 'n Thin Book using cotton rug yarn for warp and cloth strips for weft.  

Margaret NatalieJacque
Margaret wove a rep weave rug using cotton rug warp and for wefts, "Wool-eaze" knitting yarn and very fine cotton yarn.. Inspired by Joyce's January Show and Tell, Natalie wove fabric and then made a shrug, modeled here by Jacque.

Larry Jennifer
Larry showed us his green and white overshot square, woven for the coverlet project. Jennifer crocheted this purse with mercerized cotton that she strung with ~6000 iridescent seed beads.


Paula showed us her most recent doubleweave coverlet with help from Marcia.

Shelby Manda
Shelby made a man's vest using her own pattern in 12 row basketweave and antique Chinese railway conductor's buttons. Here is Manda wearing the "Liza Doolittle" felted hat that she made and embellished..

January 2013 Meeting
(Thanks for the photos, Chris!)

The program for our January meeting was the Weavers' Challenge.  Our program chair Margaret challenged each of the five volunteers to weave with a different weave structure.  Here are the volunteer weavers listening to Margaret's introduction (from the left):  Sue, Lisa, Shelby, Paula and Sigrid (behind Margaret).


Sue SueMat
Sue's challenge was to use a lace weave. She wove Christmas table mats with an elegant combination of lace and plain weave.

Lisa LisaScarf
Lisa's challenge was to dye the warp for her project.  She painted the colors of a sunset on her warp. The dyed pattern and colors faded somewhat, but when she wove the warp with a grey weft, she made a very attractive scarf.


Shelby's challenge was to weave a transparency.  She responded by weaving an elegant sheer tencel shawl/scarf with inlays of a synthetic novelty yarn..

Paula PaulaLisa
Paula's challenge was to use a boundweave.  Using polychrome summer and winter, a type of boundweave, she wove cotton fabric for a jacket. Here is Lisa modeling Paula's lovely jacket, showing the weave and colors in more detail.

Sigrid SigridTapestry
Sigrid's challenge was to weave a tapestry.  She responded by weaving a composition inspired by the German seacoast. Here is a larger view of Sigrid's handsome tapestry. 

January Show and Tell

Jeane Manda
Jeane wove a series of tan and red-orange towels in a twill weave. Manda showed us this mohair and wool woven scarf and also felted items including the felted alpaca bead necklace she is wearing in the photo.

Larry Marianne
Larry wove a krokbragd wall hanging using chenille yarn instead of the more traditional wool. Marianne showed us a scarf she wove with variegated and solid colored acrylic yarn on her rigid heddle loom.  This is her first full-sized project as a weaver.  Impressive!

Margaret Roberta
Margaret wove a color gamp. Roberta knit a royal blue afghan.
Shelby Lizz
Shelby showed us the scarf she knit using a Stephen West pattern. Lizz wove a scarf with cork and white acrylic yarn and ladder ribbon.

Phyllis Natalie
Phyllis knit a versatile cowl/ear warmer. Natalie made a cute alligator using her handwoven fabrics.

Photos from the September-December meetings are in the left side column.