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Come join us: Our meetings are open to the public. We encourage not-yet weavers and non-weavers as well as weavers to come participate in our programs.


 To see photos of the Guild's April 2012 Style Show, go to our "Gallery" page or click here.

Why I Value the Guild

Until moving to northwest Indiana in late 2007, I wove mostly in an isolated fashion for many years. Finding the Duneland Weavers Guild has been such a happy, satisfying discovery and experience! Membership provides opportunities to meet with like-minded, talented weavers on a regular basis, as well as outside of meetings. It's inspiring, challenging and educational to learn from other weavers' knowledge and experiences, to see their beautiful creations, to enjoy good camaraderie, friendship and food, and to be supported and encouraged in my own modest endeavors. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the depth and breadth of many members' knowledge and experience, but it makes me ever more grateful to belong to this special group of people. Three cheers for the DWG! -- Lizz Frenzel

The Guild's 60th Anniversary was in 2008.

(Thanks for the photo, Larry and Lisa!) 


Guild members, wearing our DWG aprons, celebrate our 60th anniversary in March, 2008.

Here are examples of overshot coverlet panels that were made a few years ago.  Check back next year to see what our 2012 coverlet group creates.
(Thanks for the photos, Ken!)



January 2012 Meeting
(Thanks for the photos, Chris!)

Linda Comingore gave us advice about weaving as a hobby vs. as a business from a tax perspective.


Lizz with her scarf woven using some yarn from the recent auction Manda demonstrated how to crochet a flouncy scarf.
Lizz Manda

Jeane showed us her overshot table runner.

Pam with her crocheted (almost finished) baby blanket Margaret's chenille shadow weave fabric will be part of a garment.
Pam Margaret

Kathy showed us two krokbragd table runners.


No December 2011 meeting photos
(Everyone was too busy eating Christmas goodies
 and shopping at the auction which netted >$500 for the Guild.)

November 2011 Meeting
(Thanks for the photos, Chris!)

Frank and Michaelle presented a program on triangle loom weaving using Frank's loom.

Frank and his triangle loom.

Michaelle and Frank show Jayne how to weave on the loom.

Michaelle wearing one of her triangular shawls Joyce with her Christmas table runner
Michaelle Joyce

Manda's fluffy scarf Margaret's space-dyed warp towel
Manda Margaret

October 2011 Meeting
(Thanks for the photos, Chris!)

The Halloween pirate cheese ball was cute and tasty too!

Betty in a second jacket (see her purple jacket shown in September)

Lizz with her rosebud shawl Suzanne and her yarn dyed with Kool-Aid
Lizz Suzanne

Margaret with her scarf which has a space-dyed warp

Kathy with her shadow weave color gamp shawl Roberta with her lap robe (to be donated for a veteran)
Kathy Roberta

Kevin with her notebook charkha (Indian spinning equipment)

September 2011: Show and Tell
(Thanks for the photos, Ken!)

At our first meeting several members showed us their summer projects.
 A sample of the work we saw is below:

Joyce's Knit Sweater Roberta's Lap Robe (in progress)
Joyce Roberta

One of Margaret's Scarves

Sue's yardage

Chris and Paula with just 2 of Paula's several rugs
Some of Paula's Towels Betty's Jacket and Scarf
Paula Betty

May 2012 Annual Luncheon Meeting
(Thanks for the photos, Chris!)

Thoughtful Guild members listening to Storyteller Cindy Horgash who presented the program.






April 2012 Meeting
(Thanks for the photos, Chris!)

The April program was on tips and hints for weavers and knitters.

Margaret led the program. Sue offered weaving advice.
Margaret Sue

Kathy also offered weaving advice. Suzanne framed a piece of overshot weaving.
Kathy Suzanne

Phyllis offered advice on knitting. Kevin on the importance of gauge
Phyllis Kevin

April Show and Tell
Margaret wove a rose pink shawl.

Bobbi wove baby blankets. Shelby wove an overshot placemat.
BobbiBlanket ShelbyPlacemat

March 2012 Meeting
(Thanks for the photos, Chris and Ken!)

Kathy O. presented our March program on double weave.  Here are some examples of
 the weaving she used to illustrate her program.

Kathy with her double-weave color study A double-weave wall hanging from Kathy's travels.
KathyColor BirdHanging

Two closeups of Kathy's deflected double-weave
DeflectedPink DeflectedOrange

Kathy's double-weave wall hanging New member Shelby's double-weave sampler
KathyHanging ShelbySampler

Jacque's double-weave with shadow weave Kathy's double-weave with twill
Shadow Twill

March Show and Tell
Betty and Judy unfolding Betty's lovely pink cotton fabric

New member Bobbie with her iridescent effect scarves New member Shelby with her shadow weave
Bobbie Shelby

New member Liz showed us yarn she had spun. Pam wove this mat with chenille.
Liz Pam

Judy with her ruffled knit scarf Kevin knit a clapotis shawl.
Judy Kevin

Sigrid tailored a vest with fabric she wove. Jeane wove a panel for the Style Show door curtain.
Sigrid Jeane

February 2012 Meeting
(Thanks for the photos, Chris and Lisa!)

Our program was our annual Weavers' Challenge.  This year, the weavers were Chris, Sue, Lizz, Joyce and Jeane.

Chris wove a wall hanging with her skein.   Jeane used her skein for a scarf with advancing twill checks.
Chris Jeane

Sue made a clasp weave scarf with her skein. Here is a closeup of her yarns and the scarf she wove.
Sue SueCloseup

Lizz used her skein to weave a scarf, shown here with Sue's help.

Joyce wove a scarf with her skein. Here is the scarf with some of her yarns and a wall hanging work-in-progress.
Joyce JoyceCloseup

February Show and Tell
Guest Jan showed us her scarf with guest Millie looking on.

Roberta with her almost finished commissioned shawl Paula with yet another lovely complex weave scarf
Roberta Paula

Phyllis with her airy knit clapotis shawl