DWG 2012 Style Show and Exhibit Photo Gallery
(Thanks for the photos, Ken!)

      On April 1 the Guild had a champagne reception and style show as part of its 2012 month-long exhibit and sale at the Chesterton Art Center.  A variety of beautiful and creative handwoven, spun, knit, crocheted and felted garments, bags, yarns and items for the home were displayed at the Art Center throughout April, and many were modeled by Guild members and friends on April 1.  Items woven by the weavers at Sharing Meadows were also included in the show.   Almost all of the items in the exhibit/show were available for sale.

Here are samples of the work that was displayed but wasn't modeled:

rack Purses

A summery shawl on the wall  Margaret, the Show's MC, with the door curtain which was woven by her study group. "The Runway" with a few of our guests
Shawl Margaret Runway

Here are Guild members and friends (including two daughters) modeling members' work in the 2012 style show:

Lisa Pink Shawl

Shawl Shawl
Shawl Shawl

Shawl ShawlHat Shawl Shawl

Jacket Jacket Jacket Jacket

Chris Vest PonchoBag Jacket

Poncho Pink Orange Green

Purple Scarf Sweater

Scarf Scarf

HatScarf Scarf Scarf

Happy shoppers after the Style Show: